Blockchain and Fintech

Present-day business owners and managers not only need to manage their business operations and finances well, they also need to constantly lookout for new technologies that provide them with competitive advantage. In EMVertex, we focus on helping companies to use technologies, such as blockchain, to improve their finance related activities.

Technology Advisory

For companies who are new to using technology to improve their business efficiency, EMVertex provide a full review of the companies business to advice how embracing technology will help them.

Blockchain Advisory

For companies who see the benefits in moving their business onto blockchain, EMVertex provides an end-to-end solution from designing the structure, building the blockchain, to actual implementation for the business.

STO and ICO Advisory

EMVertex STO and ICO advisory arm merged with Priority Token in March 2018, and was rebranded as Priority Token Asia, focusing on serving STO and ICO clients in Asia. Collectively, we were involved in over 40 projects around the world.

Priority Token Asia provides full STO and ICO launchpad services, including:

    • Whitepaper research and drafting
    • Community management
    • Marketing
    • Proprietary Client and Investor Dashboard
    • Road Shows
    • Listing on Exchanges

Blockchain and Digital Assets Investment

Asia Blockchain Capital Pte Ltd, an affiliated company of EMVertex Group, is an early adopter and investor in the blockchain and digital assets industry. If you are a blockchain entrepreneur, we will love to hear from you.