Fund Raising

EMVertex understands that capital is critical to success for any business. Whether you plan to buy a new lorry, or fully automating your factory or other project financing or working capital needs, we have the right resources to assist you.

Institutional And Project Fund Raising

EMVertex’s insight and approach provides clients with a better success rate in positioning for funding from structured institutional and project fund raising, by conducting a thorough bottom-up analysis, review and if necessary, adjustments to business model and capital structure.

Loans from Banks and Approved Financial Institutions

Representing a number of local and offshore banks based in Singapore, EMVertex is well positioned to connect you to the right financial institutions to meet your business funding need.


EMVertex, through its founder’s wholly owned entity EMVertex Credit (SG) Pte Ltd, provides legal moneylending services that is approved and licensed by the Ministry of Law through Intellectual Property Trust Office. For more information, please visit